Joe Girard’s Sinatra My Way

Joe Girard’s, Sinatra My Way is a 4-disc collaboration, consisting
of: many long hours of practice, emulative musical storytelling & Joe’s
personal ode to the great Frank Sinatra.

Growing up in central Massachusetts, Joe has been influenced greatly
by his Italian family who wholly shared a love for: Popular, Classical and
Opera music.

In Sinatra My Way, you are able to hear and feel Joe’s passion
and love for Frank’s music. Joe is an original artist who tributes much of
his success in music, to Frank.

During the early years of Joe’s career he sought to be great. It was at
the Berklee College of Music where he learned the Sinatra method of
breathing, which prepared him for his future music endeavors as a vocalist:
recording commercials, songs he composed, touring with dance bands,
entertaining at college concerts and night clubs. Instinctually, he mirrors
the nuances, the breathing exercises and the practice techniques of Ol’
Blue Eyes still today. Sinatra My Way proves to honor Frank with excellent
timing, production and quality. Joe is a versatile vocalist and song stylist
whose repertoire is unmatched.

Ryan Wolpe
WMG Inc.