Bobby’s B-100

Thanks for turning me on. Bobby’s B-100 is an Internet radio station built for FUN.

All The Hits That Fits” means the Internet B-100 plays the top hits and the mid-chart stiffs from before, during, and after “your time.” B-100 is ”Demographically Pleasing,” we are ”NOT for JUST 25 to 54 anymore.”

The Original B-100 was “K-fm…B-fm. San Diego’s FM at 100.7”

For over 20 years (from the 1970’s to 1990’s when it re-branded itself), listening to B-100 meant you would experience a high-energy mix of popular music, innovative promotions, fun contests–and the talented personalities that tied it all together.

Many people and conditions contributed to B-100’s success (which includes becoming the first contemporary FM station in the USA to achieve Number One status >12+, Arbitron, Fall 1977< and pioneering the “Hot Adult Contemporary” format in 1984).