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Branded In-Store Music and Messaging

Our Custom solution for businesses with 5 or more locations

With a Fully Custom streaming channel, our music experts work with you and your team to develop a 100% unique music mix. It’s personalized service – like having your own music director – custom-crafted to reflect your brand’s image.

You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like with picking the music.


maar_top_10_best_in_store_dining_spots_vFully Custom features:

  • The unique music mix you’ve been looking for but can’t find from other music services
    One-of-a-kind sound – no other business in the world will have your playlist and music mix
  • Personal music director who consults with you about the perfect music mix, and keeps your channel updated and fresh
    Select any songs you like – no limits
  • Dayparted music so you can have, for example, relaxing music the morning and energetic music at night
    Frequent, real-time updates without having to wait for discs in the mail or monthly downloads
  • Online client dashboard lets you see what played last, or played anytime in the past seven days
    Highest quality digital sound with no variations in volume from song to song.

Custom Branded Mobile Channels

iphoneNow you can effectively own you own radio station where your customers can stay connected to your brand. Why pay other people to broadcast your message? Now you can speak directly to your customers with your own Internet radio channel – a powerful, immediate way to engage customers on computers, on social networks and on mobile phones. Plus, Internet radio connects your brand to the hard-to-reach workplace audience. Perfect for brands that are brick-and-mortar stores, web-based businesses, or a combination.

iStreamMOBILE helps you harness the power of webcasting to connect with, entertain and inform your customers – even when they are NOT in your store or restaurant. Having your own, branded Internet radio station is easier and less expensive than you might think. Even if you use another music service for your in-store music, your brand can use custom Internet radio to engage with customers on the web, through your social media and mobile platforms.